Ulacoin Payment

ULC can be paid through ULABUSINESS App by Service Providers when they serve customers - who use ULA App.

Ulacoin Wallets


Support Windows XP , Windows 7, Windows Vista , Windows 8 ,Windows 10


Support Lion , Mountain Lion ,10.9 Mavericks ,10.10Yosemite , 10.11El Capitan ,Sierra


Suport Ubuntu , Linux Mint ,Kali Linux , Debian ...


Support for android 4.0+ for Phone and Tablet

Apple IOS

Support for iPhone 5 ,5s ,6,6s ,7 And Ipad

Windows Phone

Suport all Windows phone . Nokia Lumia ...

About StartUp

A multi-disciplinary project between ULABUSINESS and ULA through ULacoin payment acceptance.

With the purpose to create a faster, more convenient, greater value payment method than Bitcoin, it's not only can trading floors but also can pay a lot of kind of bills, book a room... We created ULC base on Bitcoin open source, so ULC can be exchanged to BTC, ETH, LTC and Ulacoin is safer when having security is Ulatech. With ULA and ULABUSINESS's user market up to7.5 billion people we guarantee a stable and long-term investment environment.Service providers may accept ULC payments

  • Car call service
  • Play game
  • Place restaurants, hotels
  • Pay bills
  • Convert into BTC, ETH, LTC ...
  • Buy phone cards, game cards
  • ...

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